How to Become a Web Designer – Job Description

Profession as a web designer – working in design

What is a web designer? A web designer deals with the design and design of media content and media impact research.

EnİyiMeslekler shows you which tasks a web designer has, which skills he should bring and what his salary looks like.

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Definition of “web designer”

Web designers deal with the style of a web design, the layout and design of the website on the Internet and the associated graphics, animations, images and videos. This includes compliance with design guidelines and the implementation of the corporate design, the corporate appearance.

But what exactly is a web designer? In short: A web designer is for the style and of course also for the design of media in the World Wide Web, such as the Internet presence of a company using its website.

The designation web designer is not a legally protected designation, but you should have certain qualifications in order to be able to call yourself a web designer.

“You ask yourself: How do I become a web designer?”

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What prerequisites and skills are necessary for working as a web designer?

As a web designer you should be able to criticize, because you should always meet the customer’s wishes and develop a concept that corresponds to the customer’s wishes. That is why the ability to communicate with the customer is very important.

Training as a web designer:

There are several ways to learn the profession of web designer – sometimes also called media designer. One possibility is the training as a media designer or the dual degree as a media designer for digital and print. Another way to specify yourself as a web designer is to study. There is no exact course on web design here, but you can acquire the qualifications of a web designer with courses such as “Digital Media”, “Media Informatics” or “Graphic Design/Communication Design”.

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In addition, a number of technical requirements are required as a web designer, such as knowledge of HTML/XHTML for structuring the website content, Adobe Photoshop for professional image processing, wireframes, CSS for the design and layout, JavaScript/DHTML for programming client-side scripts, Java/JSP for server-side programming, Silverlight for creating multimedia and dynamic web content, knowledge of various operating programs and web servers and many other programs.

The above-mentioned professional competencies also include the willingness to lifelong learning through various innovations in the World Wide Web and through various new programming applications. In addition, the artistic aspect is also part of the creative area of ​​the work.

The competencies are now divided into must and can competencies, i.e. those that companies definitely require (must) and those that are desirable but not absolutely essential (can).

Competencies Must:

  • Very good PC skills
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
  • Technical expertise
  • Knowledge of computer science is desirable
  • Very good knowledge of English

Competencies Can:

  • Creativity
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Artistic talent
  • Willingness for lifelong learning
  • Teamwork

What are the tasks of a web designer?

The profession of web designer is very diverse. As a web designer you deal with the planning and consultation of websites and the concept and visualization for the customer. The web designer learns how to plan production processes and create screen designs during his training. Web designers are concerned with creating and optimizing websites.

As a web designer, you look after customers websites with suitable images, animations and corporate design on the website. To do this, the web designer must be familiar with various programming languages ​​and must be able to master several applications.

In addition, it is extremely important to stay on the ball in the field of web design and to familiarize yourself with new programs and programming codes, as there are continuously new developments and improvements in technical standards.

How much does a web designer earn?

The amount of the salary depends on several factors, such as a permanent position or self-employment. There are several directions a web designer can work in. These include, for example, advertising and communication agencies, PR agencies, publishers, radio and television companies, and film or software companies. The starting salary of a web designer is around 22,500 $ – 25,500 $ annually with high salary opportunities and good career prospects with ongoing training and long-term professional experience. It also depends on who, in which areas you work in web design and which skills are available to you.

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Here you can find out more about the starting salary and salary development as a web designer.

Summary > job description web designer:

How do I apply as a web designer?

As a web designer, you should above all score points with your potential employer with your creativity and let this come into its own in your application letter. So that you can impress your future employer with your skills, you should introduce yourself briefly and, preferably, not use empty cliches or phrases, but make yourself curious.

If you have already gained practical experience such as an internship in web design or media design, you should also bring this to light in your CV in your application. Your application should be appealing and convincing. Show your future employer why you are particularly convincing for the profession of web designer and why you see this path in the field of digital media as your professional perspective.

Tips for applying to become a web designer after training:

If you have already set priorities in your academic training as a web designer and have concentrated on very specific tasks, then put a special focus on this in your application. In the application, concentrate on what suits you and the training content that you would like to continue to deepen later.


The web designer creates and designs media content. We have summarized the most important facts about the job of web designer here.

  • The web designer deals with the layout, design and the associated animations and graphics of a website. So he takes care of the style and design of media.
  • You can become a web designer, for example, through training as a media designer, a dual course of study to become a digital and print media designer or by studying, for example, in the fields of digital media or graphic design.
  • Knowledge of HTML/XHTML and image processing, very good knowledge of English, creativity and organizational skills are some of the skills that a web designer should bring along.
  • On average, there are 100 candidates for a web designer vacancy.
  • The salary range is between $ 23,500 starting salary up to $ 45,000 top earnings.

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