How to Become a IT Consultant – Job Description

Job as an IT consultant – working in consulting and consulting

The IT consultant takes on customer advice in technological matters, the development of corporate strategies, the technical implementation and implementation of software components. An IT consultant supports companies with the introduction or expansion of IT systems and all-round information technology.

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Definition of “IT Consultant”

An IT consultant works as an external consultant in the IT industry for companies. His tasks include the technical and economic analysis of IT projects and their implementation. Furthermore, the IT consultant is able to carry out quality controls, to recognize errors or weak points in the IT and to correct them. The IT consultant advises companies on the organization, carries out feasibility studies and determines the expenses for the solution offers.

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What requirements and competencies are necessary for working as an IT consultant?

As an IT consultant, you should be able to constantly adapt to new software, as there are always innovations in this regard, especially in the IT area. Programming languages ​​are also in demand for the IT consultant profession. In addition to these competencies, soft skills, such as a constant willingness to learn, resilience at work and flexibility are required.

Training as an IT consultant:

In order to be able to work as a junior IT consultant, a completed IT degree in the field of computer science, business informatics or related subjects and several years of professional experience in the IT industry is required. Another possibility is to take a master’s degree in IT management/consulting at some universities. In this way, theoretically well-founded knowledge can be acquired, which can be expanded through further skills that are learned in professional life. Often there is the opportunity to participate in a new project through an internship and thus gain the necessary experience with big data and hardware and software knowledge. Specialized training in IT can also lead to the job of an IT consultant.

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A distinction is made between competencies and competencies, i.e. those that companies definitely require (must) and those that are desirable but not mandatory (can).

Competencies Must:

  • Technical skills
  • Project management
  • Strategic competencies
  • Advice and customer orientation
  • IT management

Competencies Can:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Conception and project planning
  • Presentation skills
  • Teamwork

What tasks does an IT consultant have?

Hardly any other branch is developing as quickly as IT. Most IT consultants have to keep up with this development in order to be able to provide customers with the latest information at all times and to be able to offer them the best possible solution. You learn to deal with pressure and react quickly during your training.

For IT consultants, the tasks vary and therefore they are true all-rounders. You advise companies as an interface between managers, developers and engineers in IT matters. The work is mainly project-related, which makes routine a foreign word. As an IT consultant, you will accompany the company throughout the project. From the planning to the contribution and the training of the expenses belong to the tasks. Depending on the project, it can take several months to years. IT consultants are often active internationally, for example when large companies introduce SAP into their subsidiaries around the world.

Due to the increasingly important role of digitization, the sales of IT service providers are increasing every year. The revenues of IT consultants have increased by an average of 9 percent over the past four years. Experts expect a further increase of five to even 12 percent increase. With the increasing demand for IT consultants, so does the associated market pressure, caused by automation and standardization. Application companies and data centers in particular would lower market prices.

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Summary > job profile IT consultant:

What does an IT consultant earn?

The average starting salary of a junior IT consultant is between 40,500 $ and 58,800 $. However, salaries can vary extremely. This also depends on the years of experience and the industries in which you work as an IT consultant. The normal career path runs from junior consultant to senior consultant after around three to five years of professional experience. The salary of a senior advisor is between $ 65,000 and $ 92,000. For example, as an IT consultant for the automotive or software industry, you earn significantly more than when you work as an IT consultant in marketing.

Here you can find out more about the starting salary and salary development as an IT consultant.

How do I apply as an IT consultant?

Good IT consultants are in great demand in the private sector. Their bundled know-how in terms of industries, projects, technology and processes makes them sought-after applicants. Accordingly, in an application it is important to show that the necessary know-how is available and that you are ready for new tasks.

Tips for applying to become an IT consultant after training:

If you have already set priorities in your academic training as an IT consultant and have concentrated on very specific tasks, then put a special focus on this in your application. In the application, concentrate on what suits you and the training content that you would like to continue to deepen later.


As you can see, the job of an IT consultant is very exciting and varied. In the following we have summarized the most important information again:

  • The IT consultant works as an external consultant in the IT industry, analyzes IT projects professionally and economically and implements them. He also takes care of quality controls and fixes errors and weak points in IT.
  • Suitable courses of study can be found in the field of computer science and business informatics. In general, there are many opportunities to get into this profession.
  • A must are strategic skills, advice and customer orientation and knowledge of project management. Experience in conception and project planning as well as presentation skills are also helpful.
  • An average of 20-30 applications are received for a position.
  • IT consultants earn between $ 36,000 and $ 71,000 a year.

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