How to Become a Influencer – Job Description

Become an influencer – working in social media and co.

Influencers are advertising carriers and help companies market products and services with the help of their level of awareness. With their community, which is usually several million strong, companies can acquire new customers in a target group-oriented manner.

EnİyiMeslekler shows you what tasks an influencer has, what skills he should bring and what his salary looks like.

Definition: “Influencer”

So-called influencers are people (German: influencers, opinion makers) who are on everyone’s lips these days. This title is used to describe people who report on brands or present certain products of their own accord. So they act as a carrier for advertising and marketing.

The products advertised are of different nature, but often come from the cosmetics, fashion, travel, lifestyle or food sectors.

The advertising takes place with the help of social platforms and internet-based communication channels, in which the influencers have a strong presence and enjoy a high reputation from their followers. If these people have really gained their influence through their digital presence, they are also referred to as digital, social media or social influencers.

What prerequisites and skills are necessary?

Making fun of influencers is easy. In fact, maintaining and building your own community on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube is anything but a piece of cake.

Social media influencers in particular inspire their followers on the social web with relevant content and are becoming more and more interesting for media, companies and brands. In order to be able to take up the profession of influencer, a kind of online marketing job, you need various skills that are not necessarily obvious at first glance. When you present on the Internet, there is one thing you shouldn’t be missing in particular: self-confidence. After all, as an influencer, you are your most important prop.

Training to become an influencer

Basically, anyone can become an influencer. There is no training for this profession in the classic sense. A degree in marketing (for example social media marketing) or business administration can be an advantage so that as an influencer you know how to best market yourself.

In principle, what is more important for the influencer is the reach he has. With 1,000 followers or more, companies may write to you, or you can approach them proactively to advertise certain products. The higher your number of followers, i.e. the larger the community you have built, the greater the likelihood that you will be able to enter into collaborations with different companies.

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The latest developments have shown that something is happening in terms of training. For some time now, for example, there have been offers for (online) training courses, courses and the like. All important aspects of the job of influencer and marketing are conveyed here.

Such training as an influencer is not mandatory. This is precisely what makes the job interesting for so many. Influencers and their skills grow with the community and the experience they gain.

What are the tasks of an influencer?

The task of an influencer is to successfully market a product or, if applicable, a service. One speaks here of influencer marketing. Next to this is the term influencer relations. This is primarily about building trust in a company or organization with the help of influencers.

Influencers produce content, ideally draw companies attention to themselves or actively approach them. If there is mutual interest, a cooperation relationship is entered into. The two parties are now discussing the timing, the type of marketing and all other framework conditions. So there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Good postings are the be-all and end-all in the world of influencers and can sometimes take a whole working day to complete. And what does a working day look like?

The setting for the natural-looking snapshot must be selected in advance, and it is not uncommon for a long journey to be made. The shoots, which are carried out by a professional photographer, take up a lot of time. The selection and post-processing of photo and video material is even more complex. The text of the contribution must be optimized and a subsequent measurement of the success of the advertising measures, for example in relation to conversion optimization, must be carried out. Before and after the advertising postings, negotiations are also carried out with the clients and the networks are maintained.

Influencers in digital media are always on a tightrope walk. First and foremost, they want to market products, which ultimately secures their livelihood. They enjoy a high level of recognition and, on the other hand, do not want to scare off their followers with too many or intrusive advertisements.

You are faced with the task of marketing products in such a way that the followers still have added value to follow them, even if they are not interested in the advertisements. Therefore, a lot of work and time is spent on photos, videos and creating postings invested. The marketing strategies of the opinion leaders and multipliers are also constantly optimized and adapted to the target group.

How much do influencers earn?

One cannot speak of a flat-rate salary in the influencer profession. Rather, they are paid per posting in which they advertise a certain brand. The fees for the individual posts usually depend on the number of followers and, if applicable, their activity on the influencer’s side. The more famous, larger and, above all, the wider a social media channel is and the better the target group is tailored to the needs of the donor, the more money he pays for a product placement, ie a product mention in the article.

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Typical fees for a posting are around 500 to 1,500 $. For postings from particularly well-known key influencers, such as fitness blogger Pamela Reif or the twins Lisa and Lena, the companies sometimes allow sums in the five-digit range. Giant stars like Cristiano Ronaldo or Kylie Jenner with several million followers, who built up an enormous fan base even before their Instagram career, can earn almost a million dollars with an Instagram post.

In addition to product placement, there is also affiliate marketing. If fans are enthusiastic about the advertised products, they often buy directly from the link provided by the influencers in the post. In this way, the influencers are given a percentage of the income.

Advertising is also used, especially on YouTube. YouTube pays the channel operators money if they can place their advertising in front of the stars clips. The following applies here: the more clicks and views, the more money the influencers earn.

It is clear that in the field of social media marketing you can secure a solid income as an influencer. Influencers whose fan base does not consist of several million followers can also earn a lot of money with this profession.

How do I apply as an influencer?

As an influencer, you are your own boss because you act independently. As you have probably already found out, you cannot apply as an influencer in the classic way. To be successful in this profession, many factors play together. In influencer marketing you grow with your reach and professionalism. So becoming an influencer is a process that you go through.


The most important information about the influencer is now summarized again in compact form:

  • As a carrier of advertising, influencer companies help with the marketing of services and products.
  • They produce content, are mostly active in the social media sector and owe their success to the large reach they have.
  • Important competencies are an understanding of online marketing, a strong self-confidence and a confident use of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
  • There is no classic training in this profession.
  • Influencers are paid very differently. Possible types are the payment per posting, the placement of advertising or affiliate marketing.



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