How to Become a DevOps Engineer – Job Description

Profession as DevOps Engineer – working in software development

What do you do as a DevOps engineer? As a DevOps Engineer you deal with the administration and provision of software and the improvement of methods for software development.

EnİyiMeslekler shows you what tasks a DevOps engineer has, what competencies he should bring and what his salary looks like.

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Definition of “DevOps Engineer”

The term “DevOps” describes an improvement process in the area of ​​system administration and software development. DevOps is made up of the terms development and IT operations. A DevOps Engineer is, so to speak, a combination of a developer and an administrator. Many companies are now not only looking for targeted admins in the IT area, but also for DevOps engineers who can be part of an agile team in which both software development and IT administration are combined. This is, so to speak, a result of change management, whereby tasks and measures are summarized that have a cross-departmental structure, while processes and systems are to be simplified by this compression.

But what exactly is a DevOps Engineer? A DevOps engineer is, so to speak, a developer and an administrator in one, i.e. a mixture of a software developer and a system engineer, or a software engineer. Changes in development processes should be responded to as quickly as possible and acted accordingly. For this it is primarily important that development and IT can work together and that processes are coordinated with one another.

“You ask yourself: How do I become a DevOps Engineer?”

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What prerequisites and competencies are necessary for working as a DevOps engineer?

To be successful in the profession of DevOps engineer, some skills are necessary. In addition to the general interest in IT and software development, this includes a passion for programming and scripting, and also some knowledge of various server systems such as Windows, Mac or Linux. Furthermore, experience with IT systems, data management skills, programming skills and skills to use a variety of open source technologies and tools are important prerequisites for working as a DevOps engineer later. Initial knowledge of scripting, such as Bash, and programming experience, such as Python, Ruby, Open Source, PHP and Java, are an advantage.

Training as a DevOps Engineer:

In order to find yourself later in the profession of a DevOps engineer, there are several courses that aim at this. These include, for example, courses of study such as computer science, business informatics, information technology or specialist informatics, as well as apprenticeships such as IT specialist or comparable qualifications, such as that of IT system administrator or IT administrator. Dual courses of study are also possible in this area. These courses of study or training aim to prepare for the work of the DevOps engineer. There are also several certification options that can be obtained as a DevOps Engineer.

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Other important competencies in the area of ​​software development are, in addition to technical and professional knowledge, the so-called soft skills that one should have. This includes, on the one hand, the ability to work in a team, since the work of DevOps Engineers should always be coordinated with the entire team and, on the other hand, the ability to communicate between the individual departments. This is important to achieve desired business results. A lifelong willingness to learn is also essential in this sector, as there are constant innovations. In general, technically oriented professions are in great demand in companies.

Here these competencies are now divided into must and can competencies, i.e. those that companies require in every case (must) and those that are desirable for a company (can).

Competencies Must:

  • Technical skills
  • Programming skills
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Basic understanding of IT security concepts

Competencies Can:

  • Communication skills
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Willingness to learn
  • Independent work

What are the tasks of a DevOps engineer?

The tasks of a DevOps engineer are very varied, as the activities represent a mixture of a software developer and an IT administrator, and are also constantly updated.

The tasks of the DevOps engineer include the design and creation of scripts and development tools for agile software development, the execution of administration activities, the monitoring, the programming of open source, the design and execution of device tests, the logging, the management of digital certificates, and also the optimization of solutions for operational processes for software development.

These tasks are consolidated in everyday working life, but the basics are learned during the training.

The field of duties of a DevOps engineer is very interesting and varied. There are also many different ways and industries to work as a DevOps Engineer. Many companies are currently relying on the DevOps trend, as more and more IT areas are also transitioning to the DevOps culture, and thus individually divided roles in technology departments are becoming rarer.

Summary > job description DevOps Engineer:

How much does a DevOps Engineer earn?

The average starting salary of a DevOps engineer is around 49,500 $ – 54,500 $ gross annually. However, the salaries of a DevOps engineer can vary greatly, depending on whether you work in a group with great corporate responsibility and which tasks are assigned to you. Because the job description of a DevOps engineer can differ from company to company in terms of the distribution of tasks, salaries can also differ again.

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Companies are often looking for young professionals, i.e. young professionals who have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree who have already gained one to two years of practical experience. This can also be done in other specific areas of information technology, for example, so that one can already acquire knowledge there for the activities of a DevOps engineer. It also depends on the city or region in which you would like to work later. You will find many top employers in the IT sector, especially in the Texas am Main metropolitan region.

Here you can find out more about the starting salary and salary development of the DevOps engineer.

How do I apply to be a DevOps Engineer?

For many employers it is an important criterion if one has already gained practical experience in the field of information technology in the administrative field and in the field of software development. In general, the more experience you have already gained in this specialist area, the better the chances of collecting plus points with your potential employer with your application. For example, as a young professional you have a very good chance of applying for a good position as a DevOps engineer with the practical experience you have gained. In your application, you should also avoid using phrases and cliches and demonstrate your personal skills with examples, as these are very important for your future professional life. Above all, this includes social skills. They play a major role when hiring a new employee, so your social skills – such as the ability to work in a team – should also be reflected in your application. These are desirable benefits for the DevOps engineer profession.

Tips for applying to become a DevOps Engineer after training:

If you have already set priorities in your academic training as a DevOps Engineer and have concentrated on very specific tasks, then put a special focus on this in your application. In the application, concentrate on what suits you and the training content that you would like to continue to deepen later.


As you can see, the job of DevOps Engineer is very exciting and varied. In the following we have summarized the most important information again.

  • The DevOps Engineer is a developer and administrator in one. In this way, he can react quickly to changes in the development process and act.
  • Suitable courses of study can be found in the broad area of ​​computer science. But you can also find your way into this job through training as an IT specialist.
  • Basic understanding of IT security concepts, English and programming skills are a must, communication and teamwork skills are also helpful can-do skills.
  • On average, 20-30 candidates apply for a position as DevOps engineer.
  • DevOps Engineers earn between $ 51,000 – $ 68,000 a year, depending on the company and professional experience.

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