How to Become a Business IT Specialist – Job Description

Profession as a business IT specialist – working in a combined manner in business and software engineering

What does a business IT specialist do? A business IT specialist combines the two independent and extremely important areas of business and information technology.

EnİyiMeslekler shows you what tasks a business IT specialist has, what skills he should bring and what his salary looks like.

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Definition of “business IT specialist”

A business IT specialist is responsible for identifying and optimizing economic processes in a company. It supports business processes in companies with a suitable system. He develops tools and methods to solve the company’s problems in the most economically sensible way. Here he always works in a customer-oriented manner and discusses the procedure with his clients or superiors.

The projects are often changed according to the specific customer requirements, so the presentation of the given projects is also part of his area of ​​responsibility. Afterwards, a business IT specialist often discusses the next steps in meetings with his colleagues.

After completing your apprenticeship or studying business informatics, you can apply as a business informatics specialist for a variety of industries and determine for yourself how high your share in the implementation, i.e. programming or your share in the economic field, should be.

“You ask yourself: How do I become a business IT specialist?”

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What prerequisites and competencies are necessary to work as a business IT specialist?

Your day-to-day work may differ depending on the industry you will be working in. One way is to go more into the IT field and work together on projects where you often have to program. The other option is to move towards economics and work as a project manager, business process modeler or business analyst.

Training as a business IT specialist:

The basis for the profession of business informatics is a degree in business informatics at a technical college or university. Depending on how the exact focus is placed in the business informatics course, you will end up with a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts and then a Master of Science or Arts.

It is also possible to train as a state-certified business IT specialist, but the salary differs enormously compared to the salary with studies or Bachelor and Master. In addition, the training is 1 year shorter than the Bachelor, which means that you do not learn the same skills.

Soft skills are important for a later career. Soft skills include communication and team skills as well as foreign language skills.

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A stay abroad can help you improve one of your foreign languages ​​and, above all, learn intercultural skills. Special courses or seminars can often be taken during your studies.

An important point is time management. You have to make appointments with colleagues and customers. In addition, there is always a deadline for projects, so towards the end of the project it is not uncommon for you to work on the weekend. But you can also prevent that with orderly time management.

These competencies are now divided into must and can competencies, i.e. those that companies definitely require (must competencies) and those that make you successful in this profession (optional competencies).

Competencies Must:

  • Study in business informatics
  • Knowledge of software development
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Organizational management

Competencies Can:

  • Quickly grasp technical relationships
  • Foreign language skills
  • Interest in economic contexts
  • Flexibility
  • Great willingness to learn

Continuing education

You never really stop learning in life and that is especially true for your own professional life, because humanity never really stands still. Certain job descriptions change again and again and acquire a new task for which they need a special qualification.

So how do you stay on the ball and already know today what new tasks you will face tomorrow? Exactly: conferences! At these meetings of various specialists you can find out what the current development in your field of work looks like and where the journey is likely to take in the next few years.

That is why EnİyiMeslekler has selected the most prestigious and important certifications and conferences for the job of business informatics and listed them below:

What are the tasks of a business IT specialist?

Typically, a business IT specialist will spend a lot of time modeling business, IT and communication processes. Thinking about it and finding solutions is the main task of a business IT specialist. It may also be that you use your programming skills in implementing the solutions. Often times the projects you are working on are client oriented. It is essential to find out the specific wishes in customer discussions.

In most cases, the IT specialist works with colleagues on a project, which is why meetings are important. These usually take place weekly or even more often. You have to present the project to your superiors in different phases. That is why it is again important to have the necessary soft skills. All of this has to be organized and therefore part of your work will consist of administrative processes.

An example from reality would be to model certain new structures for a logistics company in order to save transport costs and thus optimize transport.

In summary, one can say that in the work of the business IT specialist for economic problems you try to find IT solutions using models and structural analyzes that you learned during your training.

How much does a business IT specialist earn?

The average gross salary of the business IT specialist is around $ 52,000 per year. It can be influenced by various factors. The size of the company, the location, the industry, the degree and the professional experience play a decisive role.

The minimum and maximum salaries are between 38,500 $ – 82,500 $ annually. Work experience mainly plays a role here. The salary also increases through positions with personnel responsibility, e.g. IT manager or CTO.

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The time invested in a master’s degree will ultimately earn you more salary than a bachelor’s degree. If you would like more details about the salary of a business IT specialist, you can find out more in our article on the salary of a business IT specialist.

Here you can find out more about the starting salary and salary development of business IT specialists.

Summary > business IT specialist:

How do I apply as a business IT specialist?

As a business IT specialist, studying business IT is a prerequisite. However, you can choose whether you want to study at a technical college, a university or a dual degree. You will complete a practical semester at a university of applied sciences and can then gain an insight into the day-to-day work of a business IT specialist.

As a dual student you will (usually) be taken on in the company after successful completion. If you are studying at a university, you first have to apply to companies and may not have any practical experience that you can name in the interview. In order to be able to gain practical experience during your studies at the university, a job as a working student is the ideal solution.

In order to distinguish yourself from other applicants, it is important to show in the application process that you have many of the required soft skills. That would include team and communication skills and various language skills.

Also try to explain why you decided to work for this company with the structure or products of the company. At the moment you really have a positive professional perspective in the field of business informatics, because companies can work in a variety of ways on business and information technology issues.

Tips for applying to become a business IT specialist after completing your training:

If you have already set priorities in your academic training as a business IT specialist and have concentrated on very specific tasks, then place a special focus on this in your application. In the application, concentrate on what suits you and the training content that you would like to continue to deepen later.


The tasks of the business informatics specialist are diverse. The most important information is now available again at a glance:

  • The business IT specialist recognizes and optimizes the economic processes in a company. He supports business processes in companies with suitable systems and develops tools and methods for the economically efficient problem solving of a company
  • You can either opt for the IT area and, for example, program or take the path towards business and become a project manager or business analyst.
  • Either you start with a degree in economics or you complete an apprenticeship as a certified business IT specialist. But here you will be shorter and not as well trained, which is also reflected in the salary.
  • Knowledge of software development, communication skills and the ability to work in a team are a must, and a willingness to learn and the ability to grasp technical relationships quickly are also helpful when doing the job
  • You can earn between 40,500 $ and 86,500 $ annually.

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