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Profession as a business analyst

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Definition: Business Analyst

A business analyst is responsible for analyzing various company requirements. The focus is on the analysis of the current status and the resulting optimizations. Business analysts work as a link between the IT department and the individual specialist departments.

But what exactly is a business analyst? A business analyst deals with the activities related to the improvement of business processes and the monitoring of economic and technical implementation. Business analysis is generally a very broad subject with the aim of identifying structures, business processes and principles in a company and improving them with developed solution structures.

“You ask yourself: How do I become a business analyst?”

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What prerequisites and skills are necessary for working as a business analyst?

In addition to general technical understanding, the skills in the job as a business analyst also include social skills, such as strong communication skills, a certain negotiating skills in dealing with customers, an independent way of working and good English skills, as well as an understanding of the connection with more complex ones Topics and connections in the IT sector. In addition, business analysts are expected to be constantly willing to learn in the area of ​​requirements engineering and to be willing to continue training, as there are constant innovations in this area in terms of software for analyzing certain data and evaluations. As a business analyst often works in teams on projects, the ability to work in a team is an additional skill in this profession.

Training as a business analyst:

Some skills and competencies are necessary to be able to carry out the profession of business analyst. In the area of ​​business analysis there are various options for working there later. On the one hand, it starts with the choice of course. There are several technical and economic courses that are suitable for later being able to work in the profession of business analyst. This includes, for example, courses in the field of computer science, business informatics, business administration, software engineering, business mathematics or business administration.

In addition, it is essential to use analysis tools such as SQL, JIRA or UML and programming languages ​​such as XML, CSS, JavaScript, J2EE, http or SOAP are also desirable. There is no classic training. For your future employer, it is definitely an advantage if you have already gained professional experience in business analysis, in business process and in the field of business intelligence and also in the field of business cases. Here, the profession of business analyst partially overlaps with that of system engineer, which is why there is often close cooperation between these professions in companies. Experience in the field of web applications and knowledge of MS Office and SAP are also mandatory in the field of business analysis.

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The competencies are now divided into must and can competencies, i.e. those that companies require in every case (must) and those that are desirable for a company (can).

Competencies Must:

  • Sound basic IT knowledge
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Technical know-how
  • Systematic thinking
  • Knowledge of software engineering

Competencies Can:

  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Teamwork
  • Willingness to learn
  • Empathy

What are the tasks of a business analyst?

The tasks as a business analyst are very varied and interesting if you would also like to deal with more complex topics and the contexts. The activities include the determination of certain requirements in companies and the associated analysis to find a solution with regard to the implementation of a project, as well as the co-design of business processes. You are familiarized with the processes during your training. A business analyst optimizes business processes and procedures in companies and finds solutions to simplify technical processes in companies. However, the field of activity of a business analyst is very diverse.

The field of activity of a business analyst can vary depending on the industry or the goal and purpose in a company, as the activities are very extensive and multifaceted. This includes, for example, the analysis of transactions in financial institutions and banks in general in order to check whether customers are creditworthy when they want to take out a loan. To this end, the business analyst prepares a risk analysis.

In addition, the analysis in the outsourcing area, or the research and interpretation of customer relationships in the context of customer relationship management in companies, with regard to products that are suitable for customers, is part of the activities of a business analyst. The clear presentation of products and services is also part of the job of a business analyst. However, the spectrum in which business analysts can work is very broad, as there are many industries in which a business analyst is needed. In addition to the banking industry, this includes, for example, the insurance industry or publishing and telecommunications industries and also consulting agencies.

How much does a business analyst earn?

The job description of a business analyst is still relatively young, but very important for companies. There are several factors, such as work experience, degree or responsibility in the company, that influence the salary of a business analyst. Because of this, the range of pay for a business analyst is very wide. However, one can roughly say that the average starting salary is around 40,500 $ – 44,500 $ annually, depending on the industry.

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In principle, however, the larger the company, the greater the earnings. Because the activity of a business analyst is generally constantly developing and new tasks are constantly being added, this profession is becoming more and more important for companies in order to exploit customer potential and company optimization down to the smallest detail, or to perfect it in a budget-friendly manner. As a business analyst you have a relatively responsible and challenging position, which is why the demand for the business analyst job is very high.

Here you can find out more about the starting salary and salary development of the business analyst.

Summary > Business Analyst Job Profile:

Business Analyst – (Job/Job Profile) from EnİyiMeslekler

How do I apply to be a Business Analyst?

As a business analyst, you should be able to demonstrate extensive empathy towards the customer in addition to very good specialist knowledge in the area of ​​technical programs for requirements analysis. That is why it is advantageous for the potential employer if you indicate this directly in your application. In addition to technical skills, social skills are just as important, as they should also be an important part of your cover letter.

If you have already gained practical experience, for example through an internship in the field of business analysis, you should also include this in your cover letter. These are desirable advantages in the profession of business analyst for your potential employer, because practical experience is one of the most important hiring criteria that HR managers pay attention to when applying.

Tips for applying to become a business analyst after training:

If you have already set priorities in your academic training as a business analyst and have concentrated on very specific tasks, then place a special focus on this in your application. In the application, concentrate on what suits you and the training content that you would like to continue to deepen later.


We have summarized the most important facts that are important for the profession of business analyst for you here:

  • The business analyst represents the link between the various specialist departments and the IT department of a company and takes care of the improvement of company processes and the monitoring of economic and technical implementation.
  • Suitable courses of study can be found in (business) computer science, business administration, software engineering or business administration.
  • Well-founded IT basic knowledge, knowledge of software engineering and very good English skills are a must here, communication and teamwork skills as well as negotiating skills are also helpful can-do skills.
  • On average there are 19 applicants for a business analyst position.
  • The salary of a business analyst is between $ 61,000 and $ 82,000

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