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Journalist salary, earnings and starting salary

On this page you can find information about the salary of a journalist. How much will you earn as a beginner and what will your future salary look like with more work experience? EnİyiMeslekler has summarized the most important information for you.

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What is the starting salary for journalists?

The starting salary of a journalist varies depending on professional experience, previous knowledge, training or the size of the company.

  • The starting salary in the traineeship is $ 24,000 gross per year.

  • The starting salary of a journalist is around $ 25,200 to $ 39,600 gross per year.

  • The starting salary of a senior journalist is around $ 31,200 to $ 50,400 gross per year.

Journalist Annual salary (gross)
Traineeship $ 24,000
Journalist with professional experience $ 25,200 to $ 39,600
Senior journalist $ 31,200 to $ 50,400

“You ask yourself: How do I become a journalist?”

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How is the salary of journalists developing?

What are the influencing factors in the salary of journalists? A journalist’s salary development depends on various factors. Education, industry, company size and the location of the company all play an important role in the decision on a journalist’s income. Below we have listed some tables that will show you the differences in a journalist’s salary.

Graduation training or Bachelor/Master

How much does a journalist earn with an apprenticeship, a bachelor’s or master’s degree? Training as a journalist has no classic path that you can take. This is the case because the general freedom of the press applies and therefore everyone has the right to express their opinion and to write.

Overview > job profile journalist

You can start your journalism career with courses that deal with humanities or cultural studies, or with language and communication courses. Of course, this means that after completing a master’s degree, you have more experience and knowledge, which can later be reflected in your salary. However, you can also enter a journalism school through a school education, which focuses more on journalism itself.

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The decisive factor for the salary, however, is not primarily the degree or training degree. Much more important is the internship, which is almost inevitable these days. Here you will gain two years of professional experience and can pave your way for your career. In journalism, the more practical experience you gain and the better you are, the more salary you will get.


In addition to experience, the industry in which you work also plays an important role in a journalist’s salary. There are differences in the areas of online or print journalism and salaries of permanent editors are, for example, significantly higher than those of freelance journalists.

These averages can help you as a guide. The salary of a journalist in different industries fluctuates so strongly that you have to look individually when looking for a job.

Dependence of salary journalism on the industry:

Journalist Gross salary per month Gross salary per year
Print journalist 3,470 $ 41,640 $
Online journalist 3,150 $ 37,100 $
Journalist on the radio 3,210 $ 38,500 $
TV and online editor $ 3,350 40,200 $
Freelance journalists 2,500 $ $ 24,000

Size and location

How much do you earn as a journalist in a medium sized company or in a corporation? Another aspect of a journalist’s salary is the size of the company. As a rule of thumb, the larger the company in which you work as a journalist, the higher the earning potential.

In your application, you can therefore also use the size of the company as a criterion. EnİyiMeslekler has an overview of the salary tables with average salaries for you:

Dependence of the journalist’s salary on the size of the company:

Company size Gross salary per month Gross salary per year
Up to 500 employees $ 3,300 39,600 $
501-1,000 employees 4,400 $ 52,800 $
Over 1,000 employees 5,500 $ 60,500 $

Dependence of the journalist’s salary on the size of the company:

Federal state Gross salary per month Gross salary per year
California 4,595 $ 55,140 $
Texas 4,231 $ $ 50,772
Florida 3,659 $ 43,908 $
New York 3,395 $ 40,740 $
Illinois 3,917 $ $ 47,004
Ohio 4,660 $ 55,920 $
Georgia $ 5,553 $ 66,636
North Carolina $ 3,105 37,260 $
Michigan 3,258 $ 39,096 $
New Jersey 3,645 $ 43,740 $
Virginia 4,020 $ 48,240 $
Washington 3,955 $ $ 47,460
Arizona 3,264 $ 39,168 $
Arizona-Anhalt 3,225 $ $ 38,700
Tennessee 3,426 $ 41,112 $
Indiana $ 3,313 $ 39,756
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Work experience

How does the salary develop with increasing professional experience? At the beginning, the salary of a journalist, who is not necessarily one of the well-paid jobs anyway, is low. Young career starters have to be prepared for a comparatively very low salary, especially in the traineeship.

However, there is still room for improvement! The more experience you have, the more you can earn. Especially if you do your job well, you have the chance of a big pay rise. So your hard work will definitely pay off.

Continuing education

You never stop learning- This applies to your job as well as to life. Again and again there is a change in job profiles that require different and sometimes new qualifications from you.

Certificates will help your (future) employer to ensure that you have mastered a certain process. With the right certificates, you can stand out as an employee and use them to top up your salary at the next salary negotiation.

In the following you can see a few training courses that you can complete in the field of journalism in order to become more competent and successful in your job:

Special features

Hardly anyone chooses the journalist profession because of the salary. On the job market, he tends to be in the lower salary range and at least not particularly attractive in this respect. Many freelance journalists, for example, are even dependent on financial support.

For a long time, jobs in journalism were extremely limited. With the age of digitization, however, there were also more and more vacancies that wanted to be filled. And for this reason, the trend in these salaries is also increasing, as the journalist has more and more opportunities and new jobs, especially in the online area.

You can find tips for negotiating a journalist’s salary in the career guide article Salary Negotiation.


How much does a journalist earn now? As you have probably noticed, this cannot be said exactly, because many different factors play together. Here are a few more important facts:

  • On average, journalists earn a starting salary of $ 24,000 as a trainee, which can rise to a peak of $ 50,400 per year.
  • You earn more with a master’s degree than with a bachelor’s degree. A traineeship is a prerequisite in any case.
  • In large companies, the most money can be made as a journalist. The best paid for print journalism is in the federal states of California and Georgia.

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