Average IT Manager Salary

IT Manager – Salary, earnings and starting salary

The job of an IT manager is not only extremely interesting, but also packed with responsible tasks. Therefore, a successful IT manager can look forward to a very good salary averaging around $ 60,000 gross per year.

You can find more exciting information about the salary of an IT manager, how much you will earn at the beginning and what your future salary can look like with more work experience in the EnİyiMeslekler career guide on this page.

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What is the starting salary for IT managers?

The average starting salary of an IT manager is around $ 47,000 per year, i.e. around $ 3,900 gross per month. Influencing factors are the size and location of the company, the industry, the degree and the professional experience. Experience in particular plays a very important role in a career as an IT manager, as this is the only way to get into the professional position. Several years in the professional field are required for the management role and managerial position.

  • The salary of a junior IT manager is around 40,500 $ to 60,500 $ per year.
  • The salary of an IT manager with experience is around 66,500 $ to 84,500 $ per year.
  • The salary of a senior IT manager is around 80,500 $ to 100,500 $ per year.

IT manager

Gross salary (year)

Junior IT Manager

$ 40,000 to $ 60,000

IT manager (with professional experience)

$ 66,000 to $ 84,000

Senior IT Manager

$ 80,000 to $ 100,000

“You ask yourself: How do I become an IT Manager?”

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How is the salary of IT managers developing?

What influencing factors are there in the salary of IT managers?

The salary development of IT managers is subject to various factors. Probably the most important are the degree, the industry, the size and location of the company and the professional experience. EnİyiMeslekler has summarized the effects of these factors in IT management for you.

Degree: Training or Bachelor/Master

How much does an IT manager earn with an apprenticeship, a bachelor’s or master’s degree?

Overview > job profile IT manager

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For a job as an IT manager, you primarily need experience. This can basically also be learned through an apprenticeship followed by years of professional experience. However, your chances of getting a high salary with a bachelor’s or master’s degree are better.

A course that includes both IT and business administration offers an ideal basis for the job of IT manager.

You can complete your studies at both a university of applied sciences and a university. Another option for academic training as an IT manager is part-time in the form of a dual study program.

In the IT manager’s field, it is interesting that you can achieve a higher salary with a bachelor’s degree than with a master’s degree.

EnİyiMeslekler gives you an overview of the differences in the salary of IT managers with an education, a bachelor’s or master’s degree:

  • With an apprenticeship, the gross salary as an IT manager is around $ 45,000 per year.
  • With a bachelor’s degree, the starting salary for IT managers is around $ 49,000 gross per year.
  • With a degree with a master’s degree, the starting salary for IT managers is around $ 47,000 gross per year.


Now the question is probably in the room: What are the salaries of IT managers in the various industries?

Since there is an IT department in almost every industry, the top salary can vary. Depending on the industry and experience, salaries of over $ 100,000 per year are also possible. EnİyiMeslekler has compiled some average values ​​for IT managers with professional experience.

Dependence of salary IT manager on the industry:


Gross salary (month)

Gross salary (year)


6,298 $

$ 75,585

Chemical and petroleum processing industries

6,004 $

$ 72,048

Financial service providers

6,001 $

$ 72,015


5,968 $

71,626 $

Business consulting, auditing and law

5,815 $

69,781 $

Mechanical and plant engineering

5,809 $

69,715 $

Vehicle construction and suppliers

5,768 $

69,216 $

Metal industry

$ 5,640

$ 67,680

Energy and water supply & disposal

5,531 $

$ 66,380

Medical technology

$ 5,436

65,239 $

Size and location

How much do you earn as an IT manager in a medium sized company or in a group?

In general, it can be assumed that you can earn more in larger companies than in smaller companies, such as a start-up.

The advantage of the latter often lies in the possibly more familiar atmosphere, in contrast to the mass of workers in large companies. But as an IT manager you can only lead small teams there. Therefore, you should find out beforehand how large your group of employees is. In the IT industry in particular, very expensive projects are often developed by only a few computer scientists.

Dependency of the IT manager salary on the company size:

Company size

Gross salary (month)

Gross salary (year)

Up to 500 employees

4,900 $

$ 58,800

501 to 1,000 employees

6,500 $

72,500 $

Over 1,000 employees

7,800 $

$ 93,600

Dependency of the IT manager salary on the state:

Federal state

Gross salary (month)

Gross salary (year)


$ 5,572

$ 66,863


$ 5,713

68,566 $


4,911 $

$ 58,928

New York

$ 4,874

58,486 $


$ 4,793

$ 57,521


5,372 $

$ 64,467


5,926 $

71,115 $

North Carolina

4,267 $

51,208 $


$ 4,882

58,580 $

New Jersey

$ 5,489

65,866 $


4,723 $

56,672 $


$ 5,385

64,615 $


4,251 $

$ 51,012


4,216 $

$ 50,595


4,749 $

56,988 $


4,261 $

$ 51,135

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Work experience

All that is missing now is experience in salary development. How does the salary develop with increasing experience?

In the field of IT managers, professional experience is probably the most important influence on everyone’s salary. It’s not just that you can only achieve the job through experience, it also has a positive effect on your career as an IT manager.

As already stated, the salary of a Senior IT Manager increases to at least 80,500 $ per year. In some cases, depending on the industry, company size and location, top salaries of over 120,500 $ can be achieved.

The more responsibility you can take on outside of your team, the more likely a radical salary increase is. But for this you usually need many years of experience and should stay with your company.

Special features: Salary as an IT manager

With the starting salary, the salary of the IT manager is already relatively high compared to other professions. But as a Senior IT Manager your salary is often over 120,500 $ a year. As already mentioned several times, experience plays one of the biggest roles here. It also means that extraordinary projects that you could lead can quickly get a raise if you do a good job.

If you manage to distinguish yourself through very good performance in a company, you are more likely to be entrusted with important projects. Which these are determines your industry and the company in which you work.

In general, the job of IT manager has very good prospects. The IT areas are expanding radically and offering more and more professions that did not exist a few years ago. With many advanced training courses that keep you up to date, you increase your chances of getting a higher salary. Because you can be used in a variety of ways in different areas of work.

You can find tips for salary negotiation for an IT manager in the career guide article Salary Negotiation.

Summary > job description IT manager:


As you can see, there is no general way of saying how much an IT manager earns. The salary range is wide and depends on various aspects. The most important facts are now at a glance:

  • On average, IT managers earn a starting salary of $ 47,000. The top salary in this job is 100,500 $.
  • With a bachelor’s degree, the salary of IT managers is around 49,500 $ per year, with a master’s degree they can earn a little more.
  • In large companies at banks, the IT manager can make the most money. The highest salaries are in large corporations in Georgia, Texas and California.

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